Thursday, April 9, 2015

What I've been up to.

As time goes by...where the hell have YOU been?!?

Well, it's been over a year and a half since I've written, so let me catch y'all up to speed.

I originally stopped writing because I was deep in study for taking the sergeant exams. Well......... I passed.  Since then there have been a couple rounds of promotions, and I am sitting about #12 on the list.

One of the cool things about taking the exam, and qualifying for promotion was that this time, I was invited to sit in the first line supervisors training class. I learned a lot, and was really impressed in the training.

A few other things I have done lately was attend Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training. This training helps teach officers how to deal with people who are in emotional, or mental crisis. This was an excellent course, and if anyone ever gets the chance to attend this type of training, I HIGHLY recommend you go. The course dealt with brain injuries, mental disorders, substance abuse, dual diagnosis, PTSD, and homelessness.

I was also selected to go to Field Training Officer (FTO) school. After completion, I am now a certified FTO. Which means I will be training the "Rookies" when they graduate the Police Academy, but before they get "cut loose" to ride on their own. My department runs single officer patrol cars, which puts one cop in each beat, or post. So, we need to get these  "kids" ready to respond solo to calls for service before they are cleared as officers.

So, what does this mean to you, the reader?  Well, there are going to be opportunities to share some new stories. So, keep checking back.

Well, other than a few other events, this brings y'all up to speed on what ol' Shamus has been up to. Keep comin' back and checking in, I'll try to write more often.

Oh, before I sign off...... I was selected as Officer of the month in my district for October 2014. I guess I impressed some folks with my work, and I was truly honored to be chosen. I'll tell that story at another time. It will be a main post, not in the stories section. I may work on that over the next few days, and post it up next....

Well, 'till next time, Shamus, signing off.

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