Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Where I'm at.......

     Well, I have been a busy boy!

     In August, I put in a transfer to the permanent midnight platoon, and was granted the move.

     Shortly thereafter, I was selected to attend D.A.R.E. Instructor school, which is an intense two week, dormitory style, course with training lasting almost 16 hours a day.  We would have 8 hrs of classroom, followed by group sessions and meetings, and 4 hours of homework a night.  It was the most intensive, yet rewarding, training I have ever experienced.  I graduated with a new respect for the program, and community policing as a whole.

     When I came back to my department, I was talking to my "new" Lieutenant about my experience, and shared with him my desire for the department to reinstate the program in the schools (it was removed from the public schools about 14 years ago).  He encouraged me to write a proposal for a pilot program and send it to the Chief.  Which I did.  Now, I'm waiting to see if there is any feedback from his office.

     I also recently met with the chief in reference to the promotions.  He confirmed my suspicion that I was, indeed, "skipped".  He used the "incident" that sparked this whole blog as his reason for the denial of promotion.  He stated that while my discretion was not a "hanging offense", and that I have been "punished" long enough, he could not promote me on this cycle.  He encouraged me to study, and sit for the test again this cycle, which I am doing.

     Now, I have very mixed feelings about this meeting, and conversation.  First, I am perhaps, honored (?) that he would reach out to me and explain his reasons to me.  HOWEVER, it also made me feel that I am not valued as an officer, just regarded as a "uniform" and a badge number.  It makes me feel like he looks upon me based on my reputation and personnel file, not my potential as an officer, or a leader.  I also feel that I am stagnated in my career, and have no possibility of growth and improvement.  In the meeting, I came away with some feelings of self doubt, and that I am not trusted to make the appropriate decisions as a leader.

     Well.......I still decided to take the test again, and go through the promotional process.  I have 3 years until I am eligible for retirement.  This will probably be my last attempt at promotion.  I don't know if I want to continue to pursue promotion if I don't get selected this cycle.  Not out of feelings of "butt-hurt", but practicability.  I don't know if I want to stay beyond my 20 year mark.  To go through the process with less than a year left is impracticable, and not smart planing.

     With three years left, I am starting to weigh some possible career choices, and see what I need to do prior to retiring.

     Well, That brings us up to speed.

     Take care, and be safe.




Enough is Enough! (delayed posting from 09-15-15)

DISCLAIMER:     I wrote this post, but forgot to hit "submit", a few months ago, on 09-15-15.  I feel that what I wrote still needs to be said, so I am now posting it.  The national climate has not changed much since it was written, but in the light of recent world events, I feel it is more important now than ever to support your first-responders and military.  We are the front line protectors of our way of life, and hold the security and safety of our communities close in our hearts and minds.  Please don't think of us as "just a faceless uniform, we are your friends, family, and neighbors.  We do this job because we genuinely care.  In my 17 years behind the badge, I have met very few officers, Firefighters, and Emergency Medical personnel who haven't.  The ones who get involved for selfish reasons don't last long in this job, and are quickly "weeded out".

Take care of each other, back each other up, and be safe,


Enough is enough already! We, police officers, have become target practice for the bad guys, and we, as officers, have become more concerned with being publicly scrutinized by the anti-police rhetoric to be effective in our jobs, or even surviving our shift in some cases.

I feel like the community as a whole has abandoned us, and left us out twisting in the wind. Those in the silent majority that do support us, please, the time has come to silence the resounding thunderous voices of desertion and anarchy.

Those who wanted to know why the Police have become "militarized" have NOT been paying attention. National threats on our lives, and safety, are becoming more real every day.  Threats both foreign, and domestic, are impacting our way of life, freedom, and safety in violent and dangerous ways.  I, and my fellow brothers and sisters in "blue",should not be worried about catching a round to the back while pumping gas into our cruisers by some idiot coward with a gun. We have lost 9 officers in a week nationwide. How am I supposed to suit up for work and be truly effective with the thought of windowing my wife, and leaving my son without a father? These are not faceless, nameless, uniforms being slaughtered, they are PEOPLE with FAMILIES!

Enough is enough!

If you disagree, good bye.


Friday, July 31, 2015

Not this time.


Well, I didn't get the call, and when I woke up this morning, the promotion list was emailed out.

I didn't make the list....this time.

So. Back to the books. I'm going to order the new edition of the textbook this weekend, and go get the rest of the study materials together over the next few days.

I'm disappointed. I'm a little bummed. But, I can't let this keep me down. I'm going to keep going.

Until next time,


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sergeant Interview

Well. I had my Chief's interview for Sergeant this afternoon.

I was nervous as hell. I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach where I was on the verge of puking my guts out.

I guess I was visibly nervous, because the first thing the Chief said to me was to relax, and that we're just two dudes talking.

So, with this step, it brings me one step closer to my goal of making Sergeant.  I never would have thought I'd come this far in the process. It's been a long almost two years. I was able to attend some great training due to being on the list, and if I get passed over, I still have that experience.

There is still a ways to go.  Hopefully I'll find out soon weather or not I get selected for promotion.  If I don't, the testing process starts over again this fall. So it will be back to the books I go!

Until next time,