Thursday, September 20, 2012

New beginnings?

Well, I've been a little busy for the past few weeks and haven't written anything for a bit.  Looking at the stats of this page, I see that I have had a few hits lately, I think its pretty cool. If you are a reader, share this link.  

The work thing has been pretty cool lately. As I said before, I wound up going to a different shift in the same district I work.  I used to work with the Lieutenant as a LT and as a Sgt before. He is a good guy.   

Well it came time for Ole' Shamus to start taking his days off without pay, and I have done a few.  It is a weird feeling to be sitting home and knowing that you ain't getting paid, and this just ain't a vacation day. It takes the fun out of it.  I have been taking thinks in stride, though. I'll get through these days by November, then hopefully this will just be a lesson learned, and not an ordeal to go through. 

Well this blog started as a mid 30's dude watching his career fizzle out and fade away, trying to pick up the pieces and move on.  Well, I am still a mid 30's dude watching his dream career fizzle to an end, and I am picking up the pieces. Now, by "fizzle out" the original meaning was meant to mean immediate. Now I find myself after watching my job almost escape me looking at the reality that none of us want to accept when we pin on that badge.  This job ain't gonna last forever.  I have 6 years to go until I am eligible for retirement.  I still have no real plan on what is in store for ole' Shamus.   That was something that hit hard while I was in trouble and treadin' water. 

In the last few weeks a good friend of mine was recently retired on disability. He is my age, and was on the department for 15 years.  A fight with a drunk a few years ago started his battle with injury. He fought his way back, then a different fight with a turd on PCP he blew out the same knee after turd mule kicked his same knee and tore it to hell.  This buddy of mine is now done. D O N E.  15 years of crushing crime over. I feel bad for him because he was the job. He was truly a good cop. A true friend, and an all around good guy.  He made his mistakes in the past, learned from them, and moved on. He is what we needed out there.  I wish him luck in his new start on life, and what ever he chooses to do in the future. 

Now, this had me doin' some lookin' around. Did y'all know that the age range for career changes is usually in the early to mid 40's?  That is the age that I will be when I hit my 20 mark. So, I will take that and start getting ready for the future.

So, how many of y'all out there are in their 30's and 40's have switched careers, and what did/are you doing now?  Leave a comment below, tell us your story....