Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Enough is Enough! (delayed posting from 09-15-15)

DISCLAIMER:     I wrote this post, but forgot to hit "submit", a few months ago, on 09-15-15.  I feel that what I wrote still needs to be said, so I am now posting it.  The national climate has not changed much since it was written, but in the light of recent world events, I feel it is more important now than ever to support your first-responders and military.  We are the front line protectors of our way of life, and hold the security and safety of our communities close in our hearts and minds.  Please don't think of us as "just a faceless uniform, we are your friends, family, and neighbors.  We do this job because we genuinely care.  In my 17 years behind the badge, I have met very few officers, Firefighters, and Emergency Medical personnel who haven't.  The ones who get involved for selfish reasons don't last long in this job, and are quickly "weeded out".

Take care of each other, back each other up, and be safe,


Enough is enough already! We, police officers, have become target practice for the bad guys, and we, as officers, have become more concerned with being publicly scrutinized by the anti-police rhetoric to be effective in our jobs, or even surviving our shift in some cases.

I feel like the community as a whole has abandoned us, and left us out twisting in the wind. Those in the silent majority that do support us, please, the time has come to silence the resounding thunderous voices of desertion and anarchy.

Those who wanted to know why the Police have become "militarized" have NOT been paying attention. National threats on our lives, and safety, are becoming more real every day.  Threats both foreign, and domestic, are impacting our way of life, freedom, and safety in violent and dangerous ways.  I, and my fellow brothers and sisters in "blue",should not be worried about catching a round to the back while pumping gas into our cruisers by some idiot coward with a gun. We have lost 9 officers in a week nationwide. How am I supposed to suit up for work and be truly effective with the thought of windowing my wife, and leaving my son without a father? These are not faceless, nameless, uniforms being slaughtered, they are PEOPLE with FAMILIES!

Enough is enough!

If you disagree, good bye.


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