Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sergeant Interview

Well. I had my Chief's interview for Sergeant this afternoon.

I was nervous as hell. I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach where I was on the verge of puking my guts out.

I guess I was visibly nervous, because the first thing the Chief said to me was to relax, and that we're just two dudes talking.

So, with this step, it brings me one step closer to my goal of making Sergeant.  I never would have thought I'd come this far in the process. It's been a long almost two years. I was able to attend some great training due to being on the list, and if I get passed over, I still have that experience.

There is still a ways to go.  Hopefully I'll find out soon weather or not I get selected for promotion.  If I don't, the testing process starts over again this fall. So it will be back to the books I go!

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